Here is a bit more detail about my past exhibitions, art shows, fundraiser events and new releases for you to enjoy!

Feature Artist at the Grammar Art Show
March 27, 2022

An incredible collection of amazing art from sought-after artists from all Australia showing over 250 artists and 800 plus artworks.

The response to my work has truly blown me away and the kindness and generosity of everyone we met will stay with us forever. Hat well and truly off to the Bec and the committee for another hugely successful show with well over $400,000 worth of art being sold over the weekend and breaking all previous records. The online store still has great pieces available to purchase for a few more weeks...all my pieces have found homes.

Thanks again to an amazing team of dedicated art lovers for putting this together and to all my new collectors, was nice meeting a lot of you in person and hearing your personal connections with what my art.

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'High On Colour' - Gippslandia
October 19, 2020

'Step aside Monsteras and Agaves; Australian wildlife is making a comeback as the main source of nature on our walls. West Gippsland–based painter Aidan Weichard’s effervescent works offer an ode to our beautiful flora and fauna, as well giving you extra pep with their lush, lively colours.
Tucked away in Garfield is a small ‘fixer-upper’ that Aidan calls home. When he’s not working long hours in the studio out back, he’s spending time with his wife, Jen, either undertaking their renovations, tending to the garden beds or hanging out with their two horses, two Aussie Shepherds, some friendly chooks and a cat named, Flower...'

Written by Asheda Weekes

Read the full article on the Gippslandia site here.

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'Memories Take Flight' Solo Exhibition at Metro Gallery
'Native Australian flora and fauna are commonly depicted in Weichard’s works and are symbolic of his affection toward the Australian landscape. Weichard grew up in the bush around Gembrook where he quickly developed a spiritual connection with the land and its animal inhabitants, both of which have become integral not only to his creative practice, but to his personal identity.'

'Memories Take Flight’ is a series of works that explores the concept of memory. 12 individual works look at how we form new memories, store them, retrieve them, lose them, alter or fabricate them based on our thoughts, dreams and reality. Mixed media layering purposefully creates textural and tangible imagery whilst intentionally covering elements of each previous layer. This loss with each layer symbolises memories blurred by time, suppression and emotion. Scattered and messy but somehow perfectly organised, these works are also an insight into Aidan’s mind, frantic and ever changing, cohesion is amiss, but each piece connected by the affection and love for the Australian setting, the animals he grew up with, and the animals he is now surrounded by, both native and domestic and the importance of those memories that have shaped his identity. Despite their frenetic nature, moments of clarity can be found through the detailed birds depicted in several works. These birds are symbolic of memories clear and true, contrasted amongst the archives of distortion and fabrication.'

You can view the entire catalogue of works here and by contacting Metro Gallery.

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'Affordable Art Fair' - Battersea, UK with Gullotti Galleries

Some exciting news came in late last week!! I've been accepted to showcase several of my works  at the Affordable Art Fair UK at Battersea and Hampstead in England! I'll be represented by Gullotti Galleries alongside some brilliant Australian creative talent. A very large thank you to Paul from the gallery for getting me on board.

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'The Other Art Fair' - Sydney

And just like that the Other Art Fair is done and dusted!!! 4 days went by in the blink of an eye. Sydney you were unreal, The team that put the event together did a brilliant job 🙌🏼

​Thanks to my fellow artists for keeping the vibe chill and fun over the 4 days in our little area, to my wife for putting up with my hecticness leading up to the fair, to the other artists and gallerists at the fair for your amazing support and friendship over the 4 days and to the patrons and collectors who took the time to come and have a chat and even take a piece or two home 😁

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Bluethumb Gallery Melbourne - Opening Night

Congrats to the Bluethumb team for putting on their gallery launch.  I am very honoured to have my work included for the opening next to a stack of talented artists. It was amazing to see the space transformed and how many people showed up. It was very cool seeing a couple of my works hanging in the front entry and meeting so many other Bluethumb artists, such a great community. 🤗

Thanks again for having me!!!

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'The Other Art Fair' - Melbourne

Still coming down after an amazing weekend at the Other Art Fair with an amzing opening night and 4 days full of art chats.. Couldn't have done it without the support and help of my beautiful wife and my art fair click who kept me sane for the 4 days 🙌🏼

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